Chapter 1 - garbage

This week, we are looking at a general garbage can. If you have one beside you, I strongly recommend you to check it out. My observation section is mainly focus on observation. However, this garbage can isn't really much detail in it to talk about. So I'll also give a little tutorial on how do I handle this object.

Keep in mind that every single details(dirt, washed out, etc) that you see around us is mark of history. Try to look for what reason to have the mark on the object. It is very important because even when you work without reference, you'll have in mind that what is it look like.

Let say you don't have a digital camara for taking texture of you need. You can always use your texture libary to create pretty much whatever you need. Most of the images are from

Lets get started. I got a close up on the bucket. Notice that although it is created from pure plastic, since different temperature of the year may contract and expend the material. Which will leave bumps on the surface. And those rusty surface will get dirt stained easily. After a year or so, it won't look as perfect as before.

I started with a gray background image. Tinted a little bit of yellow into it.

Some lower area start to have marks. These marks can be caused by many reasons. But the most resonable reason I can think of is the wet(humit). Hummit can damage the plastic surface badly, and it also change the original colour. It may make it darker or lighter. Wet also causing dust and dirt to stick on the serfice. You can feel that there has a layer of dust is right on it.

I chose this texture to put it in softlight blend mode. Mask with some other picture which can be anything. The idea is to break up the image so that it doesn't look like a perfect image. Always mask your image to break the look.

Next to put this image. I like the black marks on it. It can display as those water, coffee marks, etc.

Inverted the colour, desaturate it then screen it into the texture. It gets more human made water marks into the texture. I put it as 60% opacity to make it as less obvious as posible.

Oil paints always be there when you look at a garbage can. You may not notice how much garbage that we throw away most of them contain oil materials in it. Although you may not see it in the image that I took. However, our mind is already linked with that "dirty garbage can must have oil stain". I put that image as softlight again, with just alittle bit of mask. Level out to strangthen the contrast of it.

Next is the most obvious marks on the surface. These marks are cause by liquid mostly. Some of them from coke, juice, oil, etc.

I just simply hand painted the marks.

Added a color layer to paint some more yellowish and greenish to the texture to break up the grey tone. Put a final level ajustment layer.

Here is a render of it with the textures.

The more you observate, the more you'll see how much detail that you've missed. Always keep "look for the history" in your mind. You'll see much much more in the world.